Tara puffs up Diddy's do.




Lara Flynn Boyle in a Jennifer Nicholson/Pamela Barish design.











Jade Jagger will show off her Garrard jewels.






W's San Diego look







Sherilyn Fenn says, "Yo! Yohji!"







































Janet Jackson before her morning tea.

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Who’s got the biggest celebrity buzz for LA Fashion Week? Jennifer Nicholson, who owns a store called Pearl on Montana Avenue. The young designer will present her “Love Letters” collection in Venice, under the proud eye of daddy Jack. He’s invited Warren Beatty and Annette Bening. She’s also expecting Lara Flynn Boyle, Matthew Perry, Shiva Rose and Christina Ricci…One star who won’t be showing up, though is Tara Reid. It’s a little surprising, but the mascara-streaked party girl was the object of a star-crossed bidding war. It looks like she accepted a competing invitation to jet down to Morocco for P Diddy’s birthday party.

If you thought it was too early for luxe brands to start planning for the next Oscars and Golden Globes, you’re wrong. HBO is planning to take a goody suite, probably at the Peninsula Hotel, for the Globes. Meanwhile, DeBeers/LVMH would like to market its new diamond line with a rep in Los Angeles for the awards shows. And Garrard jewelers will launch its whole new look (courtesy of Jade Jagger) with a visit for Oscar time. They’re thinking of grabbing a pink bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel so stylists and stars can meet Ms. J and check out her designs, in a sumptuous setting.

Seen shopping: Laker star Kobe Bryant accompanied his wife, Vanessa, who’s about seven months pregnant, to A Pea in the Pod in Beverly Hills. Kobe attracted a lot of attention and politely signed autographs and chatted with Laker fans. Vanessa chose an Anna Sui embroidered gold suede jacket with blue faux fur trim, as well as the popular Seven jeans in maternity style…The same afternoon, Sherilyn Fenn came into the B.NY boutique in Santa Monica and spent about $3500 on several pieces by Yohji Yamamoto: a white leather top, Yohji’s zip Adidas sneakers; a knit cap; tan knit shirt; gray leather slide shoes, and an emerald green crinkle cardigan. After picking and paying, Fenn sent her assistant to pick it all up…Costumers at “Will & Grace” chose a sensuous red silk embroidered robe from Shanghai Tang for star Debra Messing.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is looking for inspiration in her jewelry. The star dropped by Elisa B.’s store in Old Town Pasadena with her pal Joey Lawrence. She bought one of Jeanine Payer’s “baby bracelets.” It’s made of a velvet strap, with a silver plaque. It reads, “Think Lovely Thoughts And They Will Lift You Up in the Air.” Or at least back to Burbank

Got to give it up: Okay, what if we just admitted it? It’s work to go and interview people, ask those piercing questions, put up with the slow valet and the velvet-roped lines. It’s fun to pick up treats while doing so. Los Angeles Fashion Week is shaping up as a chance to nab something new—and we don’t mean on the runway. Makeup line I Nuovi will hand out the goods, including its new Liquid Pencil eyeliner, at the Coalition of Los Angeles Designers show. We’ll sip Glaceau Vitamin Water at Jared Gold’s do on South Broadway, downtown, and take advantage of Dermalogica freebies. MAC is on the invite for Private by Freddie Rojas—we hope that means for us, not just the models. Vodka will be by Précis, and Brown Ale by Newcastle. We’ll get funky with Smirnoff Ice at Nikolaki, and grab a Red Stripe too. We already know why we’re attending the “Vogue”-IMG press conference that kicks off Fashion Week. We want to walk off with the specially designed Bella Dahl T-shirts. GenArt offers the sweetest treat of all—sponsorship by Nestle Crunch, the preferred candy of Miss Dish (next to M-n-Ms). But for serious sustenance over this five-day spread of about 20 shoes, we’ll pack a peck of Balance bars and bananas…More goody-bag grabs: The Absolut/Stella McCartney “Absolut Voyeurism” event contributed a hefty sack, with “Interview” magazine, a fifth of vodka, a Poole cosmetics kit and Prive Salon’s "Formule aux Herbes” grooming cream. Object not portable in the standard goody bag: Leonardo DiCaprio, slouching in a corner under a Tigers cap and zip-front sweatshirt.

Party central: We have exactly one day off after Fashion Week ends on Nov. 5th. Then it’s back to the party life. On the 7th, three separate fetes will tempt us. “Angeleno” magazine will celebrate its third birthday. Madison on Melrose (formerly Emma Gold) will team with “Vogue” to show fall trends. And then it’s on to our favorite spot: Fred Segal Feet shoe store will launch the new men’s collection by LA designer George Esquivel…Scalp guru Philip B. opened his flagship LA store at 1417 South Robertson with a party featuring chai latte martinis—a takeoff in his new chai late body wash. He’s now applying to the body what he’s been doing for hair since 1992, using botanical formulas to clean and condition. We inhale Philip’s Peppermint-Avocado shampoo any time we can. An example of his handiwork at the party: His friend Monica Seles, in town for a tennis tournament, with her long locks curled and glowing in a way we never see on court.

Speaking of sumptuous, the W San Diego will bring a new level of airy elegance to the stripped-down, trendy chain. We saw a sneak preview at a party at the W Los Angeles. The new hotel, opening in December, will be watery white and light, with blue and green seaglass accents. The party was light and fun, too. We gathered at the pool in Westwood for chicken on skewers and shrimp empanadas, then loaded on custom-made risotto with squash and spinach, and a sushi bar. The thoughtful W hosts scattered sand over the patio while we listened to “Rhythm & Muse II,” the new compilation CD of W-approved music. We let our minds wander to the sounds of Moby, Les Nubians, Beth Orton and Delerium, and were brought with a gasp back to Earth as a pal told us that, back in the days when she attended UCLA, the W (which before that, was the Westwood Marquis) actually was erected as a luxury dorm!…Spotted at the W, now that it’s a celebrity dorm: Usher, Ja Rule, Cindy Crawford, Andre Agassi, Keri Russell, Alicia Silverstone and Alicia Keys.

The British are coming, to sell us shoes. Tamara Mellon welcomed the blondes of Orange County to the opening of her new Jimmy Choo store at South Coast Plaza. This place is luxury fantasyland. We supped on foie gras mixed with cherry compote, tiny mushroom palmier pastries, and luscious rolls of spinach and Parmesan cheese, washed down with Bellinis. Tamara, whose brother was providing gently funky DJ music, was wearing a black-ribbon-wrap YSL dress, and her own pointy heels, of course. She pointed out the new collection—with a voyage into hippie and bohemian details, like fringe on a pair of high-heeled black boots…Mellon wanted the store to reflect “an updated, 1940s Hollywood glamour,” and it does, with free-form chandeliers and plenty of mirrored panels. The back “boudoir” room holds the evening shoes, which we see every time a star steps out in Hollywood. Emmy wearers include Courteney Cox-Arquette, Heather Locklear, Jennifer Garner and Allison Janney…We departed with a darling lilac cap-sleeved T-shirt with a shoe-themed limerick, and a Cinderella Choo shoe made of chocolate. The shirt reads:

I think I’m in love with my shoe
I was sure that it felt the same too
‘till it happened to mention
with heartless intention…
“I’m dating a gold Jimmy Choo.”

Whimsical London handbag designer Lulu Guinness is known for handbags in the shape of flowerpots, circus tents and ballgowns. Now, she’s also introducing a shoe collection at her new store on 3rd Street. Many are based on Lulu’s own prize vintage collection. She had a special heel made, mid-level and comfortable but also with a kittenish curve. Our favorite: British Liberty flower prints in a sandal combined with gold leather. Lulu has the guts to make purple shoes—a favorite shoe shade of ours lately…Along with the shoes, her handbags continue to dazzle. For holiday stocking stuffers, give a fashionista pal a coin purse that says “Pearls of wisdom,” (with dozens of tiny pearls), “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (with its own little mirror), or “You can never have too many” (with appliqués of shoes). It’s a candy-striped Lulu world, which now also includes socks to wear with her piping-edged Mary Janes…In keeping with the English spirit, we munched strawberries and scones…Jennifer Beals fell for the Tara, a satin pump with a rhinestone clip which she was planning to wear to a premiere.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 20 years that American Express and Macy’s have sponsored their Passport fashion show.  Twenty years of hard work to cure this disease—and to have a great, stylish time. At the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, we spotted Shannon Elizabeth; Olympian Marion Jones in a chic yellow halter dress, and “Celebrity Boot Camp” contestant Traci Bingham in a newsboy cap…The show was fast-paced and lively. Hip-hop violinist Mira Ben Ari improvised with a deejay. Models in INC’s elegant black evening gowns vamped, film-noir style. Tracy Reese’s Plenty line was a hit, with filmy blouses and an elaborate faux-fur coat.

The after-party was equally sumptuous. We’ve seen a lot of parties—we were very impressed by this one. Imagine a lounge devoted to Godiva chocolate. We’re not kidding! We grabbed for the new line of chocolates embedded with our favorite almonds. Next stop, the Ben & Jerry’s sundae bar, which was next to Along Came Mary’s melt-in-your-mouth, buttery fruit tarts and chocolate-chip cookies. Needing something salty to anchor us after our sugar high, we supped on Mary’s little grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches and sipped Bacardi O and Limon cocktails handed out by two randy go-go boys.

Then something very unusual happened: It started to pour. We carried our heavy goody bags like babies through the rain, supporting their bottoms to keep any presents from escaping. We were rewarded with a bottle of Polo Blue cologne; a pair of Body Enhancers pantyhose by Hanes; a forest-green Nike T-shirt decorated by one of Oregon’s finest pine trees; a big, bright red T-shirt with white Swiss cross from Victorinox; a one-month pass to 24-Hour Fitness; a Swarovski crystal tattoo; a nifty pen that glows red; Kerastase “Voile Protecteur” to spray on hair to guard it from sun; a free bra from Bali and Wonderbra, and Godiva’s coffee in a hazelnut flavor. A decadent end to a luscious evening.

If you like to spot bad boys, head on over to Von Dutch on Melrose. This funky jeans shop, carved out of an old warehouse, has a relaxed, oil-on-the-floor kinda feel. The line’s name is a tribute to a guy named Von Dutch, known as the first great car detailer (paint artist) of the 20th century. Today, his name and distinctive logo live on in jeans, T-shirts and jackets. Even patches—which actor Laurence Fishburne picked up the other day. While we were visiting, members of Linkin Park and Crazytown were there too. They like the jeans, with red-and-yellow stitching that’s a tribute to painted flames on a car. They also like made-to-order wallets on chains (you thought these guys would try Velcro?) and pants that don’t fall apart on tour…In the future, though, with a new French designer, Christian Audigier, Von Dutch will also spring a women’s lines with delicacies like velvet and corduroy jeans.

Finally, you’d think that buff Janet Jackson would be on a strict food regimen, but it’s not so. When she’s in her home in Del Mar, near San Diego, she sends her assistant every morning to the local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to pick up her breakfast of croissant and large tea. The treats cost just $3.50, the staffer’s time much more than that—but the cost of not having to go out in public at 6 AM? Priceless!

October 31, 2002  

Berry and Harring photos by Wireimage.com


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