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Pamela and the Kid splash out.


Goody Time!

Pre-Globes pampering: Jessica, Paris, Nicky and us…Not so chic with Soleil Moon Frye…Backstage at the American Music Awards…Tubs for two (including Pamela)


We got plenty of pre-Globes scoop while kicking back at the Ted Inc. suite at L’Ermitage Hotel. We got there early for the best treatment—a hair trim and makeup application with new L’Oreal products, while we snacked on cookies and fruit kabobs. “Sex and the City” was showing on a big TV monitor in the suite, but most eyes were on the exquisite wearables, like Adrienne Landau’s fur-trimmed embroidered coast and feathered handbags. We sat in an impromptu hair salon in the spacious bathroom, and received a fine trim from Cloutier hair stylist Christian. He told us about styling Renee Zellweger’s 1940s-style hair for the Oscars last year—“a lot of planning went into her look.” (Hmm, too bad that wasn’t true this year. Instead, he created Debra Messing’s lovely updo.) Then, Avril gave us a whole new makeup look, starting with one great piece of advice: “Use a gray, mauve palette, not brown, for your eyeshadow base. Save the brown for redheads.” We did look much perkier afterward, helped by a dab of L’Oreal’s Rouge Pulp in a light pink-clear blend…As we sat being pampered, designer Cornell Collins was quietly sewing a hem on one of his dresses for informal modeling in the suite. Of all the Globes stars he’d love to dress Tilda Swinton. “She’s an avant-garde, Jackie O/Princess Di,” he burst out. Coming from a designer, that’s pretty much the biggest compliment in the world. After seeing Swinton’s disastrous Golden Globes dress, a single one of the threads hanging from Cornell’s scissors would have looked better.

While we languished, others in the suite were busy negotiating celebrity traffic. “Get me Justine Bateman’s number!’ one publicist shouted. “Yes, she’s calling for Paris Hilton,” another reported. “She and Nicky will be here tonight.” Jessica Biel, who just signed up as a L’Oreal spokeswoman, popped into the suite on Sunday to get ready for parties…Other Globe goodies: Estee Lauder sent a “Golden Glow” package to nominees, including gold nail polish, a peachy lipstick with gold shimmer, and a fabulous compact dotted with gold crystals. It all came packaged in a big blue box with gold bow.

What do Sting and the ladies of Destiny’s Child have in common? They both like to loll on the Ocean Wave Massage Bed. We got the same sensation, visiting the backstage “retreat” lounge at the American Music Awards recently. The bed, about 8 feet long, holds 35 gallons of water. The lucky customer reclines on top as jets inside the bed pulsate water to all the sensitive points—neck, knees, feet and back. It’s a massage with no oils and without having to take your clothes off. “Sting liked it so much, he bought two,” our ocean technician confided. Floating on a pool of blue water, staring up at the melon-colored Moorish tile at the ceiling of the Shrine Auditorium, hearing Luther Vandross croon in our ear at his soundcheck, only a few yards away…this was Heaven. At the same time, a therapist from the Rock Spa on Wheels of Marina del Rey caressed our toes with super-heated (but comfortable) smooth black rocks.

The only thing that could compete with the bed was the chance to peruse goodies in the lovely retreat, which was designed by W hotels. It held many of W’s favorite touches, like oversized wooden balls that double as chairs or tables; soft drapes; and a bed that’s used as everyday furniture, for making a cell phone call or sipping a Frappuccino. Niki Taylor, India.Arie, ‘Nsync, Christina Applegate and Nelly Furtado all gathered presents. Wilsons Leather supplied a selection of trendy bags. The chain, best known for leather jackets, is actually the biggest seller of leather accessories in the US. The bags are up to date and charming. We fell for a red roll bag, just as AMA hostess Jenny McCarthy did. Niki grabbed a bigger version, a satchel that includes a zip-out bottom. This striking bag will hold goodies for presenters at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in March…The sweet new line My-Tee handed out tank tops emblazoned with vintage advertising logos and signs. Nelly Furtado grabbed two. The Red Engine Company’s jeans were a perfect fit for Christina Applegate…Maurice Lacroix (the favorite watch of Sandra Bullock) made an impression on Bill Maher…We discovered a new haircare line, by Las Vegas hair stylist William Whatley. We chatted about Vegas style with one hairdresser, who says that hair in the desert is big. “You mean like Dallas? All blondes?” “No, I mean like Vegas—in Vegas, the blondes are yellow.” Their tints, no matter how unnatural, get the best treatment with Whatley’s goodies, including “For Keeps” color-friendly shampoo and Rock Star finishing spray. We’ll touch up our own locks when we play outdoors with “Fondle” redefining serum, a protective spray…Aramis introduced its “Surface” line of cosmetics for men. No, not eyeshadows or lipsticks. These are gels and lotions that brighten up the skin, minimize pores and reduce shine…Tiffani Thiessen fell for MAXX New York’s red, white and blue tote, and carried around backstage. It went nicely with her black dress by Iceberg.

Just one night before the Globes, Soleil Moon Frye launched her clothing line, Petite Moon, at the new Hollywood Fight Club. Our correspondent, Heather Smith, found the party not quite up to her Champagne tastes. She reports:

At the corner of Sunset and Highland, red, white, and blue balloons marked the spot where the event was held.  Upon entering the strip-mall suite, we were stopped by, not a promoter with a list, but a bouncer soliciting names for the gym’s mailing list. The small space was occupied by many young adults dancing to deejay Danny Masterson’s (“That 70’s Show”) selection of pop music.  His co-star, Mila Kunis, hosted.

The food consisted of a small, devoured table of finger foods and Halloween candy on cardboard-like tables, covered by white vinyl sheets.  The bar sported the same décor.  The drink selection included two types of imported beers (without any twists), white Zinfandel, and Pepsi products.  The one bartender working was probably happy when the beer ran out after just two hours.

The five-foot tall Frye was hard to spot in the crowd.  Her clothing was the only visible promotion for “Petite Moon.” She spent the evening roaming around, greeting friends, taking pictures, and being congratulated by strangers and other young, small-screen celebrities.  For Frye, it’s about “fun and fashion.”

Frye started Petite Moon because she couldn’t find basketball jerseys that would fit her. So she started her own line of fitted jerseys. “Petite Moon is sexy, sporty, fun, spontaneous, adventurous, playful, innocent, wild,” says Soleil, with an unwavering smile. “You can wear these clothes to the gym and then go out.” Soleil hopes to continue to grow and expand the line. “You have to crawl before you can walk,” she remarks. 

Melissa Joan Hart was there with some friends to support her “Sabrina” co-star, but not to mingle with anyone else. Although she wasn’t wearing “Petite Moon” at the event, she said she has seen the line and wears “a lot of it.” “It’s comfortable and cool,” Hart tells us. “It’s a solid line.

Everyone left empty-handed, unless you shoved your pockets full of Halloween candy. There were no goody bags, in addition to the lack of promotion. The event rivaled a low-budget, mediocre high school graduation party, planed by somebody without an ounce of creativity. Even Frye seemed eager to leave, as she discussed plans with her friends to go to a hot new club on Highland.

Finally, the Hollywood commitment symbol: Tattoos for two, so passé. Matching outfits at the Oscars or Emmys? Went out with Ellen and Anne. The newest way to show love is with a dip in the pool, as Pamela Anderson is doing with new pal Kid Rock.

Not just any pool, though. This is the “romantic privacy soak” within the tiled walls of the Skin Spa in Encino, a Los Angeles suburb. “Pam’s a longtime customer,” our source says. So when it came time to celebrate her new relationship, and smooching under tables became so last month, the Skin Spa was the choice. The twosome will also enjoy a simultaneous aromatherapy massage, and a trip to the spa’s Mud Bar, where they can choose from a batch of different-colored muds to slather on face and body. Perhaps while they’re at Skin Spa, they’ll run into other regulars, Vivica Fox and Elisabeth Shue. But no, those two are not attending together.


January 22, 2002 FashionDish 

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