And the winner is: Debra Messing, in a stellar Oscar de la Renta.














Jessica Alba and fiancé Michael Weatherly: Let him wear the pants.












Laura Harring dresses up her Armani jacket with a wild flower.











Like her jewels, Judy Garland’s daughter, Lorna Luft, has a star pedigree.






Glamour is back. After a subdued Emmy Awards, the LA show season has started with a swath of ruffles, gold and cleavage on the red carpet.


The Golden Globes, for a change, enjoyed a bright-yellow sunshine day, which let more skin than usual pop out—and left women in tuxedos looking like last year’s news.

Debra Messing: A twist on the strapless-gown look with a whisper-soft mousseline stole, and a skirt completely made of ruffles, by Oscar de la Renta. The “Will & Grace” star moved on from her classic princess look and now rules like a queen. Fred Leighton diamond earrings and a playful updo added to her Victorian charm. Grade: A+ (Peri Gilpin also looked great in a de la Renta dress).

Cate Blanchett: The only star to show us something new, in a chinoiserie haute couture pants suit by Christian Dior. Just weeks after giving birth to her first child, Blanchett showed you don’t need to reveal every inch of skin to make a statement. Her Persian platinum and diamond earrings by Cynthia Bach are another wonderful collaboration between designer and star. Grade: A+

Halle Berry: At first, we thought the mocha color was too similar to Halle’s own lovely skin tone, and the dress seemed to fade away. On closer look, the beading perfectly accentuated Halle’s curves, and the chocolate diamond ear studs by Harry Winston were a change from typical white. Grade: A

Lauren Graham: Another winner for Valentino. “Gilmore Girls” star Graham wore a sheer dress in bronze and blue beads, coupled with striking sunburst Tony Duquette gold earrings. And anyone daring enough to wear polo-shirt-inspired short sleeves on an evening gown gets our approval. Grade: A

Kate Hudson: Most Improved. After bombing at the Oscars in a matronly Chloe, and washing out at sneaking through last year’s Globes in a simple slipdress, the actress triumphed this year in a stunning gold Versace. It all came together with cascades of curly golden hair. Grade: A

Andie MacDowell: Call us old-fashioned. We’re big fans of the brassiere, and an eyeful of bobbling, unbound breasts usually leads to an automatic deduction from our panel of judges.  But there are exceptions. Andie MacDowell looked so happy, so sleek, so colorful in her low-cut beaded Escada dress that she carried off the nearly naked look. With her simple hairdo, she had the look Julia Roberts should have tried—and by the way, where was last year’s Globe winner? It’s traditional for the big winners to return the next year. Grade: A for Andie, Incomplete for Julia.

Kim Cattrall: One of the few to try color, in a matte jersey column gown by New York designer Eric Gaskins, Gaskins also hand-beaded the carnelian stone halter. Hair was soft and just a touch subdued, leading Kim to look too pouty for primetime. Grade: A-


Sarah Jessica Parker: The Globe winner says she’s never met Karl Lagerfeld, the creator of her misbegotten Chanel ensemble. Well, when she does, she should slap him with that little fan he always carries. It was bad as a strapless dress, and even worse with cocktail pants. Remember when Whoopi Goldberg tried this look at the Oscars? Not pretty. Grade: D

Sela Ward: Normally a class act, there have been a few moments of fashion hooky. This is one of them. Valentino strikes out with a dress that looked bad on the runway and worse on the red carpet. Grade: D+

Nicole Kidman: She has two looks: elegant, lush redhead with curls and vintage-style dresses; and washed-out strawberry blonde with hair pulled back, a choker and a dress that does nothing for her. Unfortunately, she chose the latter look to win a Globe this year. Grade: C.

Cameron Diaz: Circus chic is in, so perhaps Cameron’s choice is timely. Her hair and makeup were shiny, lively and impeccable. But her penchant for wearing Halloween outfits is just slowing her down. Here’s a woman who, at a possible $20 million a picture, doesn’t have to worry about impressing anybody. It would have been so nice, though, to see Cameron in Debra Messing’s outfit. Grade: C+

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston: Miss Dish knows the feeling—two days after shampooing the hair, a couple of weeks behind on the highlights, and all of a sudden, you need to go out in public! The solution: a hat, a wig, or a day at the salon. No excuses for Jennifer’s mousy, oily nest. Same for Brad’s beard. A little facial hair goes a long way on his exquisitely chiseled face. This was more than enough, unless his next job is body-doubling for Russell Crowe. Grade: C-

Heather Locklear: With Vera Wang, Jimmy Choo and the most fabulous locks that L’Oreal could create, the Valley vixen should look better than a 1960s Vegas showgirl. But no. The inspiration for this go-go getup was Priscilla Davis, her character in the landmark TV movie, “Texas Justice.” Grade: C

Finally, to all the ladies who wore tuxedo-style suits to the Golden Globes, we have one word: 2001. That’s when those suits were current. It was the downfall of Jennifer Aniston, not so great on her co-star Courteney Cox-Arquette, and made Globe winner Sissy Spacek look like a stablehand at Gosford Park. Jessica Alba, with her glowing makeup and smile, almost overcame the deja-vu with her white tux, and Laura Harring dressed hers up bewitchingly with an oversized red flower. But next time, let Harrison Ford wear the pants, and you all try a dress. Grade: B- 

Global bits: Locklear’s husband, Richie Sambora, sported a one-carat oval Winston diamond stud in his ear…Marisa Tomei tried to work with a stylist—but had a DMV-like experience, we hear. She traipsed down herself to Decades on Melrose for her black vintage gown…Which two stylists showed up at the same time at Stuart Weitzman’s Rodeo Drive shoe store, both claiming to be working with “King of Queens” star Leah Remini? The one who claimed to have seen her most recently on Globes Sunday grabbed the shoes… Portia de Rossi picked eight strands of Erica Courtney’s Tahitian and freshwater pearls plus a platinum and diamond cross to wrap around her neck. A slightly lower altitude on the hairdo would have helped…”Amelie” star Audrey Tautou wore Chopard diamonds with a YSL/Rive Gauche dress…Is it true Cameron Diaz was eyeing a white Alberta Ferretti dress before choosing Vivienne Westwood? And Renee Zellweger almost wore red vintage instead of her plain YSL strapless gown…Local designer Cornell Collins dressed “Miss Golden Globe,” who held the awards onstage, in a ballgown…Lorna Luft wore Mae West’s suite of stunning aquamarines, which were a gift to West from Marlene Dietrich; they were made by Boucheron. They’re now in the collection of West Hollywood jeweler Neil Lane. The pendant, which Luft placed perfectly on her Allen Schwartz dress, is 300 carats.

January 22, 2002 FashionDish 

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