Emmy Hair 2000
“It's the freaking Emmys!  Are you waiting for the Oscars to get your hair done?”
We asked Jerky Flea, author of the cult-hit column Jerky Flea’s Celebrity Hair Spray on hairboutique.com, to critique this year’s Emmy hairdos.

Halle Berry Lisa Kudrow Kristin Davis Lorraine Bracco
 Sure the cut is the same short 'do that she constantly returns to, like some sort of tonsorial boomerang, and the semi-wild, curly style is the same that she's worn to several recent awards shows, but darn it, it still looks fantastic on her.  Then again, how do you ugly up Halle Berry? Lisa straightened her naturally curly hair, as usual, and parted in the center, as usual, and somehow, the look still dovetails perfectly with her dress. Part of it is the exposed shoulders in conjunction with her long neck, which makes her hair look longer, even though it falls just below her shoulders.  Very nicely balanced.  Plus she should finally be able to ditch that wig she's inexplicably had to wear on "Friends" for the last two seasons. Beautiful waves, beautiful color, flattering style.  Nothing complicated, very simple and elegant.  Why do other celebrities find this so hard? Lorraine is walking that very fine line between stylish 'do and hair helmet.  I think she falls on the positive side of that divide, but just barely.  Next time, she shouldn't use the entire can of FinalNet to eliminate her part, and she'll be safely in the fashionable zone.
Jennifer Aniston  Calista Flockhart Debra Messing Sarah Jessica Parker

Apparently Jennifer spent literally minutes trying to come up with a suitable hairstyle, finally settling on a ponytail.  Zounds, how dramatic.  This was a bad idea for two reasons.  First, it's the freaking Emmys!  Are you waiting for the Oscars to get your hair done? Second, if you've seen her new bob, then you would suspect that someone snuck up behind her after the show and just cut her ponytail off.  A simple updo and tragedy could have been avoided.


Loved the waves, good attempt to hide the fact that she still has micro-bangs she is having trouble dealing with, and nice length. Overall, good from the chin up.  On a side note, did you notice that the width of her hair is greater than the width of her torso?  That can't be good. Gorgeous hair, loosely pulled back and partially put up in a style that highlights her curls.  Dark auburn color sets off her dress. This is how you spiff yourself up for an awards show.  Are you listening, Jennifer? If you are going to smooth out your waves, this is what you should do.  The crisp side part, and the elegantly pulled-back locks, definitely match her outfit and the occasion.  And this was even before Sarah finally chose a single color from the multi-hued streaks she had in her hair and went completely blonde.  A case of style conquering roots.
Patricia Heaton Lucy Liu Angie Harmon Lara Flynn Boyle
Before I say anything else, I should point out that Patricia has beautiful, thick, naturally wavy hair.  That said, what the heck is she thinking with the flat center-parted blah style she chose? If she had just let it dry naturally by holding her head out the window of the car on the way over, it would have turned out better. A good example of what Patricia Heaton's hair could have looked like. Lucy added some waves to her long brunette locks and very loosely pulled it back to keep the sexiness of the length, without obscuring her eye-popping gown.  Much the same look that worked for Juliana Margulies  last year.  Heck, pretty much exactly the same look.  Angie frustrates me.  A gorgeous woman with fantastic hair who never quite gets it right when she appears at these events.  What's with the sunglasses on the head?  Wouldn't they fit in your tiny party purse?  She was definitely on the right track, leaving her long tresses down, loose, and wavy, but she just can't seem to leave well enough alone. Sigh.

I love how her layered bob was styled into what looks amazingly like the hairstyle fashion designers draw on every generic model they use when sketching a dress.  The only downside: The heavy bang section fell into her eyes every five seconds, forcing her to constantly push it aside.  So other than the incredible impracticality of the style, it was perfect.


Geena Davis

Though I'm probably the only one who noticed her hair with that dress, Geena's locks were actually very flattering with her new dark color, the smoothing of her natural curls into soft waves, and the strategic addition of a few extensions.  Really quite attractive.  Then again, she could have avoided a bit of controversy, by pulling those extensions around to the front...


Photos by SteveGranitz.com

About Jerky Flea : Jerky Flea, a software worker who does hair on the side, lives on the East Coast. His first hair job was to trim his girlfriend’s bangs. She liked it so much, she married him.

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